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We are pleased to introduce you to probably the world's most advanced sports portal. Goals Live gives you live the most up-to-date football (soccer) scores and information of all European football matches direct on your desktop. If you are interested in receiving FAST information about the goals scored in the match of your favourite football team while in progress, you are in the right site.

Constructed in a table matrix, www.goalslive.com provides information categorised by league and date so that can be adapted to your needs. All you have to do after customising the interface is sit back and wait for your teams to score. The scoring game will light up a red line and the word "Gooooal!" will be highlighted. What a feeling! At work, when you cannot get the day off for the match, you can have the match direct to you through a window on your PC. Of all the matches being played that day, yours is right there, in glorious red!

But it gets better!

Goals Live offers you FREE all the results of the day to your email. To take advantage of this promotional offer, go to FREE Subscription and sign up. On receipt of your request, your email will be registered and the results of the football leagues you selected will be sent to you every day for FREE!

You can also include GoalsLive pages to your site, for FREE!

GoalsLive.com is offering real time results for the following Football Leagues:

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